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EmpowHer's Footprint Begins: Organization Sends First Instructor For Certification

May 16, 2024

EmpowHer Sends First Caribbean Instructor for Certification: Breaking Barriers in Skilled Trades

EmpowHer, a non-profit organization that educates and supports women in the skilled trades, has sent its first instructor from the Caribbean for certification. Antonia Laurent Goddman, one of EmpowHer's first instructors, became the first person outside of Canada to complete her level 1 & 2 certifications with the Worker's Health & Safety Center (W.H.S.C).  

The certification process involved an online course and a two-week in-class learning module in Stratford, Ontario. Antonia completed her courses and certifications on April 19th, thanks to EmpowHer's board and local sponsors who provided her with this opportunity.   

EmpowHer's founder and CEO, Sephton Spence, expressed his gratitude to Angelo Bozzato and the W.H.S.C. team for their support in providing the opportunity. It took about seven months of planning to ensure proper execution. Andrew Mudge, the executive director of W.H.S.C., played a vital role in authorizing and supporting Antonia during the program. This partnership has paved the way for EmpowHer to continue providing opportunities for women in skilled trades.  

EmpowHer's mission is to break down gender barriers and support women in industries where they are underrepresented. Antonia's successful certification is a significant milestone for the organization and an inspiration for other women looking to enter the skilled trades.

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