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                                   is a trade school that is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. A school where the trades are taught with respect, knowledgeable instructors, quality, and a current curriculum directed by licensed professional women in the trades.  Closing the gap between better opportunities for prosperity to the women of St. Lucia.

The                             arm of Freeman Estate encourages women to have an active role in their own economic and skill development.                             will be the cornerstone movement for other industry initiatives across several sectors.                            is our most purposeful project to date, creating the future of knowledgeable professionals in trades.  

“Industry partners will not only be empowered by the trades that they learn, but they will be empowered by the various social engagements that will improve the lives of the participants from what we are presenting to them.  There are a lot of things that go into construction. Safety and the social aspect are both a huge area within the construction industry. We encourage healthy mental attitudes to better master the material."                 

 – Sephton Spence,

Founder and Principal

Our Founder

Sephton Spence is the owner of Kubbie Construction operating in Toronto, Canada. A skilled expert in the construction sphere, he has devoted his energies to the quality of implementation, and functionality for design with every project.

Sephton is the principal founder and designer of Freeman Estate, a property development company dedicated to a new paradigm in eco-conscious luxury living in St. Lucia. Freeman Estate is a landmark development both in size and scope that provides signature offerings of luxury villas, condo units, and custom homes. Sephton is also the Vice-President of the Afro-Canadian Contractors Association (ACCA), an organization that builds on strengthening Black contractors as leaders within the industry.


                      is located in Micoud, St. Lucia.

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