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The FIRST trade school of its kind in the Caribbean.

 Built for women by women, empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Providing more social inclusion in the construction industry.

                     , our most ambitious project to date, encourages more women to take full advantage of opportunities in trades while developing their financial literacy and skills. We are creating a pool of future professionals to employ.  

This program commences in St. Lucia under focused direction and driven leadership. We will forge change in economic development for women, providing a social infusion in the construction industry.

Women in Trades

Moving forward is a dedicated process. With EmpowHer, we are changing the landscape and culture of the industry while providing women with knowledge in their trade. By empowering through finance, health, and nutrition,  we are training women to become owners of their own companies while boosting the country's infrastructure and development. They will become the new licensed teachers of tomorrow.  

What We Do

First, we are creating a new paradigm in construction that is socially inclusive by providing training in:

Boarding / Taping
Finished Carpentry


Second, we are building tomorrow's financial ecosystem by teaching our participants:



Entrepreneurship Investment


Third, trades are taught at the highest level and within the Caribbean building codes, giving women the opportunity to excel in another field in their community. We are passing on the experience to others while leading the next generation.

Our Partners

Increasing a unified environment which supports equality

Through EmpowHer, we are supporting tomorrow’s entrepreneurs right now. 

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